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* Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show * A Neil Diamond Tribute Band *
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For David Peers, it all started in 1976. While in the 6th grade, a classmate who had grown tired of Daves infatuation with Barry Manilow, lent him a copy of Neil Diamonds Hot August Night. Thus began the journey. Within weeks Dave had saved up enough allowance to purchase Neil Diamonds 12 Greatest Hits. The songs on the aforementioned albums became the soundtrack for this emerging talents coming of age. Dave always wanted to be a piano player, his first true rock hero being Elton John. As Dave began unearthing these musical treasures, he had the joy of discovering the music of The Beatles with his cousin, friend, and Musical Director/Keyboardist, Carlos "Helmut" Castro. It was around this time that a neighbor turned young Dave on to KISS. He abandoned his dreams of being a piano player and picked up a guitar. It was a wonderful time.

Musical talent ran in the familys blood. Soon, everything in Daves life revolved around Rock & Roll. In the years to come, Dave became quite an accomplished player in the Washington, DC area music scene, eventually playing and touring the country with several different bands. Dave was always a strong vocalist, and it was during this time that he became aware of his uncanny ability to sing exactly like his childhood inspiration, Neil Diamond.

The idea of a Neil Diamond tribute band surfaced in recent years. BROTHER LOVES TRAVELING SALVATION SHOW is the culmination of that idea. Dave Peers, playing the role of Brother Love, along with his multi-faceted band, the Traveling Salvation Show, bring the song and spirit of classic era Diamond to life. Brother Love and the band dress and act the part, adding to the whole visual experience! A BROTHER LOVES TRAVELING SALVATION SHOW performance delivers the power, pomp, and passion of a Neil Diamond concert with unabashed glory. The sound is updated, but the song is king, in a true tribute to the greatest American songwriter of our time. Musically, BROTHER LOVES TRAVELING SALVATION SHOW cannot be matched.

We believe that now is indeed the time for this special kind of tribute. Neil Diamonds popularity is at its highest peak since its seventies heyday. Just look around. In films (Pulp Fiction, Saving Silverman), on television (NBCs Today Show, VH1s Behind The Music, A & Es Live By Request), in stores (Neils most recent CD, Three Chord Opera), and in concert revenue (Neil's current World Tour). Neil Diamond tribute bands are some of the top drawing tribute bands in the country.

This is your chance to get in at the ground floor. We present to you BROTHER LOVES TRAVELING SALVATION SHOW. The East Coasts ultimate Neil Diamond tribute band, currently available for your club or special event. You will be amazed!